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Mw-d570a series multi row packing machine

technical parameter:




Bag length range



Bag width range


2350mm An order width within

Change the width of mechanical packaging, need to

Change the number of machine columns, the maximum total width of packaging film is  570mm

Filling capacity


Packaging speed

4060Package / sub (single column)

It depends on material and specification


about 5.5kw/AC380V 3P+N

Mechanical dimension

long 14700mm wide 1750mm high 2850mm

Mechanical weight


Suitable for packaging materials


Packing material 


Outer diameter of roll film≤400;

Inner diameter of roll filmφ75:Maximum membrane width 570mm

Standard feeding mode

Adjustable metering plate, screw, liquid pump

Standard cut-off mode

Flat knife, serrated knife



Optional device

Electromagnetic knocking

Coding machine

Film electrostatic device


Order separately

Mw-d570a series packaging machinery is suitable for automatic packaging of particles, powders, homogeneous fluids and other materials in medicine, food, chemical and other industries. It can complete five to ten rows of long strip-shaped back sealing packaging (long pillow type) at one time.


◆ The machine has a set of longitudinal sealing device, a set of hot transverse sealing device and a set of cold transverse sealing device.

◆ Servo control is used to pull the packaging film. The cutter can be either flat or serrated.

◆ Metering device selection metering disk mode, or screw device, or Haiba pump and other devices.

◆ The packaging bag of the machine has beautiful shape, rich personality and saves packaging materials.

◆ The series of packaging machines are controlled by PLC, displayed by touch screen and adjusted in operation state. The servo drive cold cross seal mechanism pulls the bag, and the packing speed is stepless adjusted within the rated range. The bag making length can be adjusted steplessly within the rated range.

◆ The length of the bag is set on the touch screen, and the adjustment of the bag length is simple and convenient

◆ The intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system has the function of automatic positioning of the first bag, which can automatically eliminate the influence of interference signals caused by abnormal color mark patterns and poor printing packaging materials, and the operation is stable and reliable.

◆ Intelligent temperature control.


MW-D570A series machines are mainly used for packaging the following products or similar products:

Seasoning powder, sugar, coffee, milk powder, medicine and other granular materials; shampoo, seasoning sauce and other fluid materials.

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