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Mw-d8s bag feeding automatic packing machine

Mw-d8s automatic bag packing machine is a general packing machine. Automatic packaging for granular, powder and fluid materials. This machine can not only realize the packing of single material (single station filling), but also realize the packing of mixed materials (multi station filling).


The machine is equipped with eight working positions, which can automatically complete the work of bag taking, bag loading, bag opening, filling, bag vibration, bag knocking, bag exhaust, bag sealing and bag discharging.

Main technical features:

(1) the machine is equipped with a vacuum pump, which adopts the way of vacuum sucker to open the bag.

(2) the machine is equipped with an empty bag sealing prevention device, so that the empty bag will not be sealed and the packaging bag will not be wasted.

(3) when the machine has poor bag opening, it does not cut materials to avoid scattering materials.

(4) to change the package specification, only one screw is needed.

(5) the machine seal pattern can be made according to the customer's requirements.

(6) the batch number printing mode of the machine can be installed according to the customer's requirements, such as ribbon heat transfer printing, hot embossing or inkjet printing.

(7) equipped with safety door.

Suitable for bag shape:

Three / four side sealed flat bag, self-supporting bag, zipper bag, zipper self-supporting bag, special-shaped bag.

Technical parameters and requirements

Product model: mw-d8s

Bag size: 100-210mm wide, 100-350mm long. Bag type: three side seal, four side seal, back seal, etc

Packing speed: 35 ~ 50 bags / min

Packaging capacity: 1000ml (1000g) power supply: AC380V / 50Hz 3KW machine size: 2260 × 1300 × 1400

Machine weight: 1200kg

Compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa, air consumption: 0.1m3/min (the air compressor is provided by the customer)

Measurement method

Particles: metering plate device / electronic scale. Powder: screw metering device.

Fluid class: piston pump, etc.

Optional device

Coding machine

Hot embossing device

Zipper bag opening device

Bag bottom opening device

Dedusting device

Dust collecting hood

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