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Single row mw-dz100 or multi row mw-dlsz

Main technical parameters of vacuum part:



Machine model



Packaging speed

More than 30 rows / min (e.g. using 4-row packing machine with a speed of 120 Bags / min)

Filling volume range



Bag Size

Bag length 80-145, width 75-100 (mm)

supply voltage

Three phase four wire 380 V / 50 Hz

Electrical power

About 11kw (kw) (excluding vacuum pump)

Machine weight


Machine dimensions

 long × wide × 4800 high × two thousand and two hundred × 1700(mm)

The production line integrates bag making, filling, vacuumizing and sealing. The production line consists of two main parts, namely, single row or multi row bag making, filling and packaging machinery and vacuum device.

The part of single row or multi row bag making filling and packaging machinery adopts the mature MW series automatic packaging machine, with different measuring and filling mechanisms, which can realize the automatic filling and packaging of different materials.

The mechanical part of vacuum pumping includes multi bag conveying, multi bag clamping, multi bag moving, vacuum box and finished product conveying. The vacuumizing part adopts the method of vacuumizing multiple packaging bags at the same time.

The whole production line adopts first-class brand PLC control, touch screen operation, pneumatic drive part runs smoothly, vacuum quickly and high vacuum degree.

The production line is the main mechanical equipment to realize vacuum packaging automation in food industry. It can realize the automatic vacuum packaging of rice, beans, coffee, yeast and other finished products. The vacuum packaging of pickles, small fish, shrimp and other leisure food can also be realized with appropriate metering and conveying device.

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