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Dz1500 automatic packaging production line integrating bag making, filling, vacuumizing and sealing

Specifications and indicators

performance index

Packaging capacity

30-45 bags / min (depending on material and bag size)

Filling metering capacity


Package size

Packaging film width: 200-400mm

Using electricity and gas


60kW, including 2 sets of vacuum pumps (2x15kw)

Gas source

0.6-0.8mp, 1.5m3/min

Machine weight


Machine dimensions

Length: 8000mm, width: 4000mm, height: 4000mm

Dz1500 series automatic packaging production line of bag making, filling, vacuum pumping and sealing is a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine (commonly known as square brick vacuum package) which can realize back sealing sealing with four side indentation. The production line is used for powder or granular materials with good fluidity in vacuum packaging. For example, dry yeast, coffee powder, coffee beans, fine grain, etc.

Dz1500 series mechanical products characteristics

It has the functions of bag making, material coarse measurement, material precise measurement, filling, shaping, vacuum pumping, cutting head, finished product cache and so on. The finished packaging products are beautiful, fresh-keeping, quality-effective and convenient for storage and transportation. The operation is simple, the electrical control system is complete, and the parameters of the whole operation process are variable and controllable. Good stability, reliable performance, low maintenance cost. All materials in contact with the packaging products are stainless steel.

Main working process of dz1500 series machinery

The packaging film is made of empty bags by bag making device. The bag is made of four sides pressed edge and self-supporting bag with angle inserted. Through independent chain box movement device, the empty bag finished by bag making falls into the chain box. After the chain box rotates, the bottom mouth of the bag is closed three times, and the coarse feeding and the fine feeding are completed. After the completion of the coarse feeding, the first weighing mechanism is passed, and the online feedback is fed back to the fine feeding link, and the fine feeding quantity is automatically corrected. After the fine feeding is completed, the final measurement results are feedback online through the second weighing mechanism, and the unqualified products are eliminated.

The filled products are collected, prepared and fallen into the vacuum box mechanism for vacuum treatment through bag opening shaping device and pre sealing device.

The independent vacuum box mechanism consists of four groups of vacuum boxes, which completes four main tasks: collecting vacuum products to be pumped, packing products with fixed shape, vacuumizing and vacuum product elimination.

Independent manipulator: transfer the vacuum packed product to the finished product conveying mechanism. Independent finished product conveying device: realize the sealing and sealing of the three times packaging bag, and the remaining side of the packaging bag

The removal of.

The equipment is equipped with rich detection devices, which can stop automatically and reasonably in case of failure, standby, etc., and it can operate reliably.

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