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Multi material packaging machine

Technical parameter:




Bag length range


The length of ordering bag is + / - 40mm, which can be adjusted

Bag width  range

Three side seal 30-95mm;

Side seal 35 ~ 100 mm

Changing the width of package and changing the shaper

Packaging  speed

30-120 bales / min

It depends on material and specification


about 3kw/AC380V 3P+N

Mechanical dimension

1200mm long, 1000mm wide and 1800mm high

Mechanical weight

About 400kg


All kinds of composite packaging film can be used

The outer diameter of the film is less than or equal to 400; Inner diameter of roll film φ seventy-five


fill style

Particle: fixed measuring cup measuring disk device u

Swing measuring cup y powder: rod measuring device o

Select according to the physical condition of the packed material



Optional device

Coding machine

Hot embossing device

Film electrostatic device double cutter device



Order separately

Mw-129c series machine is a kind of packing machine which can seal three sides or four sides. With different feeding devices, the packaging of particles, powders, tablets, pills and irregular materials can be realized.


◆ The machine has a group of longitudinal roller sealing device and a group of transverse roller sealing device.

◆ Checkerboard pattern is used for sealing pattern.

◆ The working process of the whole machine includes: bag making, longitudinal sealing, filling, transverse sealing, easy tearing incision making, cutting and other main processes.

◆ The feeding device will be selected according to the physical condition of the packed materials, including metering plate mode, screw mode, swing cup mode, vibrator mode, etc. The cutter can adopt one of three ways: flat knife, sawtooth and dotted line.

◆ The machine adopts PLC centralized control, touch screen operation and display conditions, servo driven variable bag length system, intelligent photoelectric color code positioning control system.

◆ The safety door device of the machine can effectively ensure the safety and convenience of the operator.

The machine can be made into twin version to save the floor area and feeding space of workshop.


It is mainly used for packaging the following products or similar products: seasoning powder, sugar, coffee, medicine, etc.

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