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PW-110B series packing machine

Technical parameter:




Bag length range

An order length within 45-160mm

Changing the length of the package and changing the sealing roller

Bag width range

One order width within 30-95mm

Changing the width of package and changing the shaper

Packaging speed

30-150 bales / min

It depends on material and specification


about2.5kw/AC380V 3P+N



1200mm long, 1000mm wide and 1610mm high



About 450kg


All kinds of composite packaging film can be used

The outer diameter of the film is less than or equal to 400; Inner diameter of roll film φ seventy-five



fill style

Particle: fixed measuring cup, measuring disk device, u powder: screw device, O powder

Tablets and pills: hole type plate f

Irregular body: vibrator device w


Select according to the physical condition of the packed material



Optional device

Hot embossing device coding machine

Flexible exhaust device

Film antistatic device



Order separately

PW-110B series machine is an automatic filling and packing machine for three side sealing. With different feeding devices, the packaging of particles, powders, tablets, pills and other materials can be realized.


◆ The packaging machine only uses a pair of hot roller sealing device to realize the horizontal and vertical sealing of the packaging bag.

◆ The seal pattern adopts complete and continuous checkerboard pattern.

◆ The cutter can be either flat or serrated.

◆ The whole machine work process includes: bag making, filling, sealing, easy to tear cut (optional), cutting and other main processes.

◆ The packaging speed of the machine is controlled and displayed by frequency conversion, and the sealing temperature is controlled by intelligent temperature controller.

◆ The feeding device adopts many ways, such as measuring plate, measuring cup, measuring plate, screw and so on.

◆ Take the instant noodles seasoning powder with 70 wide and 70 sides of the packing as an example, and the packing speed is more than 100 packages / min.

Purpose: mainly used for packaging: seasoning powder, sugar, coffee, medicine and other powder granular, powdery materials.

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