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Mw-d120c series automatic metering packaging machine

Technical parameter:





Bag Size

When the package is pasted on the back, the length of the bag is 40 ~ 150 mm; The width of the bag is 45 ~ 120mm;

When sealing on three sides: the length of bag is 40 ~ 150 mm; The width of the bag is 45 ~ 120mm; When the four sides are sealed, the length of the bag is 40 ~ 150 mm; The width of the bag is 45 ~ 120mm;

Packaging speed

The packaging speed of milk powder is 80 bags / min (20 g per bag)

Measurement method

1 set of servo screw feeding system +-2%


1.9kw/AC380V 3P+N

Air consumption

0.2m3/min, 0.6MPa

Machine dimensions

L1100mm W990mm H1715mm

Machine weight

About 450kg


All kinds of composite packaging film can be used

The outer diameter of the film is less than or equal to 400; Inner diameter of roll film φ seventy-five


fill style

Particle: fixed measuring cup, measuring disk device, u powder: screw device, O powder

According to the package

Material physical condition selection



Optional device

Hot embossing device

Coding machine

Flexible exhaust device film electrostatic device



Order separately

Mw-d120c automatic metering packaging machine is a general packaging machine. High speed packaging machine for instant product granules and powders. The machine can realize independent bag packing and string bag packing.


◆ The machine consists of automatic centering film supply system, film suit collar molding device, plate longitudinal seal, plate transverse seal system, photoelectric control system, multifunctional cutter device, and safety cover device of the whole machine.

◆ The shaper adopts concave convex plate, which can effectively reduce the transmission friction of packaging film and scratch of finished bag surface. All parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel.

◆ The main machine structure is designed according to the way of packing, which can be assembled as back-up packaging, or three side sealing package and four side sealing packaging. Excellent versatility.

◆ The machine adopts PLC centralized control, touch screen human-machine interface, servo drive and pneumatic combination of transmission mode, operation and maintenance is simple and reliable. All electrical parts are first class international brands.

◆ According to the characteristics of the packed materials, the machine can also be equipped with other ways of measuring plate, measuring cup and feeding equipment.

For example: with the servo screw feeding system, taking the packaging of 20g milk powder as an example, the actual speed of normal production packaging can be stabilized at 80 bales / min. The measurement accuracy is + / - 2%.


Milk powder, milk tea, soybean milk powder, three in one coffee and other powder materials are packed separately and in bags.

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