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Cast the foundation stone of manufacturing industry and take off in pursuit of Chinese dream

In 2019, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. Our motherland's achievements and national self-confidence are unprecedentedly high. We will usher in a new year with the feeling of glory and no surprise. On behalf of all members of the board of directors of marvel, I would like to thank all of you for your busy work and dedication in the past year.

Achievements and objectives:

In 2019, the comprehensive sales revenue of Maiwei reached the second highest level in history. Although it is higher than that in 2018, the packaging machine business still needs to be further improved, and the packaging engineering division has achieved good results. This year, our goal is to strive to achieve the highest ex factory turnover in history, and we hope that we can do as we wish.

Last year's exclamation in the manufacturing sector: "18 years is not easy, but it's not easy. It's just the beginning." In 2019, despite the joint efforts of the whole company, the profits of traditional businesses have declined seriously, and it seems that we feel a bit chilly.

The Sino US trade war in 2019 and the weak promotion of domestic consumption have obvious impact on the manufacturing industry. In November, President Xi mentioned again at the economic work conference that "manufacturing industry is the cornerstone and control the chaos of the financial industry", which undoubtedly further clarified the foundation of the country's prosperity.

Chinese dream on the way:

1. Looking back on the export history of Maiwei's products, the promotion of the national brand image of "made in China" has also brought us good news. Based on the Hannover International Industrial Exhibition 2017 and CES electronic consumer exhibition 2020, the world status and product structure of made in China have shown positive changes.

2. In 2019, the country's economic growth will slow down (structural adjustment, Sino US trade war, and the decline of consumption caused by house prices), and China's fight against poverty will enter a key year of well-off society for all. The per capita GDP exceeds US $10000, getting rid of the middle-income trap.

3. China missed the opportunity in the history of the first three industrial revolutions. China's participation in the fourth industrial revolution will enhance China's international status and continuously improve people's living standards. We should strengthen learning and integrate into the information age and thinking changes.

4. If China wants to become stronger, its foundation is still weak and its difficulties are enormous. Although China has the most complete industrial categories in the world, the most leading categories are not the most, especially in high-tech categories.

Like our country, the company is still in a difficult climbing period. One heart and one virtue is the first factor for our survival and development. In the new year of 2020, we will meet all the unknown with no fear and full of hope, either bright or full of thorns!

Since ancient times, when autumn is sad and lonely, I say autumn is better than spring.

A crane on the clear sky, it will lead to poetry to Bixiao.

I wish you a happy New Year!

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